Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It was Our Mom's Birthday last week, It is a very hard time of year for all of us. Thanksgiving is

especially hard with her birthday being so close, she used to always be up for her birthday. I have so many wonderful memories of this time of year with her. My brother wrote this note to his family the other night and I felt that he said everything so poetically and lovingly I wanted to post it. I feel this way a lot also. My Brother Casey is a very strong person who has been very strong for all of us. I appreciate him so much!!

I am feeling very deep right now. Life is full of so much. So many decisions. I am frustrated. I have tried to devoted myself and my life to the gospel. My mother got sick, I cried with her,I stood tall as she cried on my shoulder. I shuddered in my room as I heard her cry in pain from afar. I stood by the side of my father as we offered unto her countless blessings. I took my call of duty to service. I had to leave. We cried once again. I served, I did what I was supposed to do. She became worse. I left the vineyard to be by her side. We cried together once more. I left again. I left my dying mother to never see her again in this life. I served the Lord and shared the glad message honorably. I returned home to a changed life. To a motherless life. Things are supposed to work out. Things are supposed to go well. My sacrifice should be recognized. But it is not. This is wrong. I should be thankful. I should be thankful for my trials. But right now I am not. My life would be better if my mom were here. I would be better. I would not feel so alone. I pray that this attitude will change. I pray that I may be worthy of the Spirit to touch and change my heart. I pray that I may stand in holy places and be guided. I pray that there will be those along my path that will recognize my life and challenges. I pray for the day that I will see my mom. My precious Mother. My angel Mother. I miss you so. Words cannot express. Their is a hole. It is everywhere. It grows. it is ever-present. She loved me so much in her mortal life. She offered me so much. My life felt so complete. The pain overwhelms me, but I must go on. I know that if I live worthy, the Lord will bless my life. This is the hope that I hold onto. Right now I feel anger, but hope will always ensue.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake

Blake turned 6!! For Blake's 6th birthday he decided to have a swimming party. It turned out so great, all the kids had a great time! Blake got everything he asked for. It was so good to see Blake laughing and smiling and just having the time of his life. He loves swimming and loves all his friends.. Blake is such a sweet boy who is very smart and funny! He always loves to play with his brother Caden, he was so good to share all his toys with his brother. I want to say how happy I am that Blake is my son and I get the privilege of taking care of him. So Happy Birthday buddy, you are one very handsome special boy!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mom and Dads Anniversary

My Mom and Dad's Anniversary is today... I felt that I needed to tell you all a little about my Mom and Dad, and the way they were together. When my Mom and Dad met at Utah State, my Mom was in a very serious long term relationship with a different guy. My Mom and Dad were set up on a blind date at first, my Dad came to get my Mom, and My Mom said he was so proper and stiff. They liked each other, my Mom thought he was very HOT and my Dad was being to nervous to know what he thought... anyways a few weeks went by and my Dad needed a date for a Halloween party, he thought about all the many women he had gone out with in the past and remembered Christine. So he called her and she said yes, my Dad was so nervous again that he decided to loosen up by having a few drinks!! Well he really loosened up, he was practically hammered and my mom said he was tons of fun and like a different guy!! ha ha

They dated a lot after that and my Dad was madly in love with her, she still had this other guy she was seeing... so she went home to tell this guy it was off. When she went home her family and this man were very influential over her and she decided to stay with him, she called my Dad and he was devastated.. poor guy went straight home to his Mom and Dad to help him through this difficult time. When he got home my Grandma said " You need to loose some weight. We will whip you into shape and that girl won't be able to resist you!! So my Dad lost weight pumped him self up, and my Grandma made him this cute jumper to go back to school in. (How nerdy) My mom saw my Dad walking on campus and that was it, she was smitten!! So they got married in the temple about a year later on October 18, 1973.

They had 4 beautiful children ( if I do say so myself) who loved and admired them. They had a hard life with lots of job changes and moving around, they never had a lot of money and I remember them having hard times, and many happy times. They made it through all of those things with love and understanding and supporting one another. In the end it was so sweet to see the way they looked at one another, my mom was very sick and she would only wake up for long enough to give my Dad a kiss and tell him she loved him. They are sealed for eternity.. they miss one another, but what a blessing to know they will be together always!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Brynlee turned 2!!!

My beautiful baby girl has turned two and I am still in disbelief... It was just like yesterday I was in the hospital having her. She is my love, my only girl so far. I have such a bond with her. She is fun loving, beautiful, mischievous, and just so dang funny!! I get all emotional just thinking about her.. oh boy I think my pregnancy hormones are getting away from me again. She is a Daddy's girl that is for sure, (which I love, she always wants him) ha ha.. Well anyway we had a little birthday party for her up at a park close to the mountains, it was a beautiful day!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a great day!!

(Doesn't he look sad to leave me. Um not really, that is the face of, "stop taking pictures of me mom and let me go!!")

Well every blog I read, and every mother I talk to says, oh it was so hard to send my baby off to Kindergarten, I just cried and cried.... well there must be something wrong with me cause I threw a little party. I dropped My Blake off at school, I saw the other mothers sitting around feeling sad, watching there kids play, I did get out of the car and I watched him play with the kids, I just kept looking at my watch thinking when is the bell going to ring. Then I looked at him said"bye buddy" he said bye mom and that was it. I ran to the car, got home threw Brynlee in bed. My party was about to begin and I was very excited, I got some Ice cream turned on an episode of Friends!!! OH the joy in not hearing his little voice tell me he was bored. And can I go play with a friend... I know I sound awful but I think I have said it before in this blog, me and Blake have a love hate relationship. I think he feels the same about me... So in conclusion I just want to tell you all I love Blake, I do, but I love him a lot more when I don't spend every single second with him!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Our wonderful trip to Hawaii

Outside at the bar we were sipping drinks, enjoying an amazing view.. I love pineapple

Captain Jenny at your service.

Ben did not do well on our sea voyage, he had a hard time stomaching it.. Poor guy.

Ben is wanting to catch a crab, they are quick little buggers.


At the end of the road to Hana you go on some great hikes, so beautiful, I was blown away by everything I saw, these trees grow up and then back down in the ground. It was like a little jail, we had been naughty... ha ha

ahhh the happy couple, this is down in Lahaina by the pier.

Pineapple juice anyone...

What a view, this was at the end of the dreaded road to Hana it was awesome and beautiful but I won't be doing it again...

It was raining at the luau, but it was still so much fun... I loved all the fun drinks..

Outside our hotel, ready for a hot date!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Ganny's B-Day Dinner!!

My sweet Grandma had another birthday. She is an amazing woman with many, many talents and abilities. She is the best at making sour cream cookies. She has the best tuna fish sandwiches with perfect bread from the bakery. When ever she knows I'm coming she runs to the bakery and get donuts!! She is the best listener, I call her often and she just listens to me and then gives me great advice. She loves the Lord and the Spirit is always in her home. When you walk in the front room it's like walking into a piece of Heaven! She continues to love all of my kids even though she has like 100 great grandchildren, but you would think my kids were the only ones she has. It feels so good. Now that my mom is passed on, my Grandma is always trying to keep track of us and watch over us like a mother and it feels nice to know there is someone out there worrying about me. She thinks I'm funny and always tells me what a great mom that I am!!
#1 GrandmaThis is a picture of my Grandma and Grandpa Record, as well as my two aunts (Barb and Susan), Uncle David, and Susan's husband Ron. Uncle Mike wasn't there.
My really pretty aunt Barb, and my really cute sister Tara, and what a handsome devil Casey is.

How cute!!

That is my hand-made card that looks like it was made by a 1st grader! Oh well, with Grandma's it's the thought that counts.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am a slacker

I have not been a blogger lately!! Its been terrible. Well there are a lot of new things going on in my life. Me and Ben went to Hawaii and we had such a wonderful time there. We had such a good time that now we are going to welcoming a new comer into our little family in the month of March... yeah yes it happened we are expecting our 4th baby. Its really early and I hope everything goes to plan, so far so good though!
Other exciting news, I finally get to send Blake to Kindergarten, I am so happy for me and for him. We love eachother but I think we do better with a little time apart. He is growing like a weed and I can't believe how handsome he is!! Caden is going into 3rd grade ( slap my face, crazy) Brynlee is my little angel and she just turned two. So I will be posting lots of pictures soon. But that is just a small update into the lives of the Nobles!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let the count down commence.....

Its official I am going to HAWAII!!!!! I have never really been any where to far away from Utah. I have never been to a tropical place in my whole life, Ive only seen pictures. So when I say I'm very excited that is an understatement, I'm squealing just a little bit right now!! We are soon to be married 10 blissful, hard, terrifying, years. We were supposed to go to Hawaii on our honeymoon then we said we would go a year after we got married, but then oops Caden came along. ha ha So now we have no babies and we have a little bit of cash so we said what the Hell and we are doing it. So I have a question for all of you, because I want the most perfect vacation ever!!
Tell me what should Ben and I do while we are in Hawaii.
These are some things I want to do.
1. Snorkeling
2. Dinner Cruise
3. Deep sea fishing
4. Kayaking
5. Hiking in the presence of waterfalls
So tell me if you have ever been to Hawaii, what are some other things we should do, and if the things that are on my list are not fun let me know??? Thanks

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just trying to make it through..

This whole grieving thing really surprises me, I will be going along feeling fine! I miss my Mom but it all makes since to me and I just seem to be couping really well with the whole thing.

Then out of no where just the last 2 weeks, I am starting to feel angry and very upset at all the changes that have had to happen since she has left. I have been crying a lot, firstly because we all have to go on as a family, doing parties having birthdays, its so hard to keep up the family dynamic with out her here, there is just a sadness at how final it is, she is really gone and I can't see her for a very long time, its way to hard to comprehend.

You know my Dad got re-married and up until now I have been doing ok with that whole thing, but out of no where I am feeling upset at the changes my Dad had to make and how early he had to make them. I miss my mom so bad it hurts to my core, I look at my kids and can not believe she is not her for there birthdays and special events. I look at all the new babies that have been born since she left and I feel such sadness, she would not ever be able to stay away, she loved babies so much. I see everyone around me moving on, forgetting....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The joys of being a Mother!!

I have 3 reasons that I love being a mother and there names are...
I love you all so much!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The small things....

I was doing the laundry the other day ( I know amazing huh) anyways after I had pulled out all the clothes I found a 10 dollar bill sitting there!! It was great and just made me so happy so I was thinking about all the other small things in life that just put a smile on my face... so here they are in no exact order....

1. My tulips just are peaking through the ground and It just makes me so happy!!

2. When I go to a movie I love, love ,to get popcorn and a butterfingers and a coke, I take a bite of popcorn and a bite of butterfingers in my mouth at the same time...mmmm, mmm then take a swig of Diet Coke oh its great!!

3. When I'm playing tennis against my husband and he thinks he is all great because he is beating me, he has that smug look on his face, and It whizzes over the net going so fast, and he tries to get it, and fails.. ha ha! I'm victorious, and I'm the winner, if only for that one awesome shot.

4. When I'm feeling mad at the world for things I don't understand and can not control, I will go to the tennis court and hit some tennis balls as hard as I can. I love it, its the best!!!

5. There are these moments in times when everything slows down, and I see things so clearly, I look at my kids and its like out of a movie or something... My kids are being funny and all getting along and for a moment I think wow this is what its all about... and then life feels good for a moment....

6. There are times when I'm at church and I just feel so much love for everyone around me, (even the people I don't really like that much) s and I get a glimpse of the Love our Savior must have for us all!!

6. After it rains I love the way it smells!!

7. Life is crazy, with work, kids soccer, school, kids being sick and just the crazy schedule,, I am one of those needy wives that need Ben to tell me often how much he loves me. So sometimes through the craziness he will surprise me with a trip or a fun date.. oh my gosh I love it, to feel special for a moment is so great!!!

8. I love having lunch with my Grandma, it is so great, her house is like this unchanging place that is always there, always warm and loving. I've been going there since I was born!! It is a wonderful sanctuary that is so dear to me!!

Those are some things in my life that make life worth liven!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Its been 2 years.....

March 12 was the day my mom passed away 2 years ago. Oh boy what a hard day to get through, I mean every day seems challenging, some days are way worse than others. Its hard to think back to that awful day 2 years ago.... The things I had to see and feel where indescribable. You know I wanted her to be out of her pain and away from the body that stopped working for her. At the same time I did not want her to leave me. I would lay by her and sing hymns to her hoping that this would comfort her in some way. I also sat there and whispered to her in her ear that its "Its ok mom you can go we will be o.k. " The nurse said that maybe she was hanging on for us, and we needed to tell her that we would be ok. I also just wanted to hear her tell me she loved me one more time, not that I didn't here this like 50 million times in my life cause I did. My mom always told me how wonderful I am and how much she loves me every time we talked. She used to say "Jenny your so amazing, you can do anything." Man how awesome that she thought I was so great!! There are lots of memories I have of that day most of them sad. After she passed, I left the house by my self so I could cry alone. I said to her in my head," Mom why did you have to go, I miss you." And then as clear as day I heard in my head her answer me and say, " I did all I was supposed to do," Then I said in my head, " I love you mom" and she answered me back saying, " I love you too" It was a really amazing moment for me. I still feel her around me at times. Sometimes I'll be sitting there and I swear there is someone behind me or by me. She did tell me when she was very sick, "I don't know how it all works up there, but I will be with you as much as I can."

When my mom and I would see each other I was always really silly with her, I loved to make her laugh. I would tickle her, (she is so ticklish, ) I always used to pick her up cause I was alot taller than her and she was always so skinny. She would laugh, and scream it was so much fun. I think about when I see her again sometimes, I think I will pick her up and she will laugh and we will laugh and it will be a sweet reunion. (Thank you for listening)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Going to school

I just started dog grooming school, I'm very excited, its so much fun. For a while there I wasn't feeling like a real person, every day was full of the same old stuff and I needed something different. I will be turning 30 very soon, I just keep thinking I need to be doing more... I think I'm going through some withdrawals about saying goodbye to my 20's. It makes me so sad. So I am going to be a dog groomer!! I am pretty good too, not to toot my own horn but it seems to fit me and my personality. So heirs to turning 30 and dog grooming.........

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Family fun...Caution this may cause you intense emotions of puppy love.

We went to the Dinosaur Museum on Saturday. It was lots of fun, the kids and Ben had fun digging in the mud.
We found this sweet little puppy on the side of the road and it looked at me and it said "take me home with you, I'm cold and hungry and I'm a baby." So being the good person that I am I said sure and now we have a puppy. Ok your right it was not on the side of the road it was at someones house. I have a sickness, it hasn't been officially diagnosed yet, I get a fever, I get overwhelming feelings of love, And I keep saying over and over again " oh my gosh aren't they so cute. its called puppy fever or puppy love, and I can't resist them, I fell in love. I don't think of anything but that sweet baby puppy. I go crazy, Its not until I get home with the puppy that I realize all the work it takes to potty train and feed the little thing. Well I go insane for a moment and I'm not able to see past the baby paws and the sweet baby puppy breath and the way they cuttle up in your neck and go to sleep. Ahhhh. Well anyway this is Gunner he is a mutt, but I love him!!
Isn't he cute!
Blake and Gunner are best buddies they sleep together and Blake carries him everywhere!
There is nothing cutter than babies and puppies.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January blues!!

Its a set up from the beginning. They get you all excited and happy for Halloween, Yeah candy woohoo. Then comes Thanksgiving, I mean how great to just eat and eat and eat. Then before you know it Christmas is here and we all are merry and happy with excitement and wonderment for the big day. Then we get to party hardy bringing in the New Year. Woohoo 2009 how fun, the night is full of friends, family and craziness. Then they do it to you ( who are they you ask, well you know who you are and I'm not happy with you) January and February hit, they are the two worst months of the whole year. Its freezing outside, no one is out and about, its like a ghost town outside. Undoubtedly its the time we all get sick, (At least I am.) There is nothing to do but stay home with a bunch of stir crazy children. So I say get rid of January and February and lets head right into March when the grass starts turning green and little tulips start popping through to say hello. If anyone has any suggestions how to get me though these next two awful months please share your ideas with me. Until then I'm (depressed in January) signing out!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Caden's special day!!

Caden got baptised this last weekend. It was so funny, we went to go to Caden's baptism and stake had forgotten to fill the font with water, So there we where with a room full of family and friends all wondering why the baptism hadn't started yet. It was so funny we had to tell everyone to come back to our house while the font filled up for a few hours. Ha Ha It makes for a great story and good memories. I don't think Caden will ever forget this special day he was so cute and sweet. He told me after his baptism, while we where driving in the car just me and him. I asked him if he felt any different and he sat there and thought about it and said, I feel that there is a little light inside me, and that when I do good it feels really good!! Oh I'm telling you he is one choice spirit!! I love him so dearly he is just the greatest son anyone could ask for, I'm so lucky!!
Gandma and Grandpa with Caden
This is most of the people who attended the baptism, the others got sick of waiting for the font to fill and left.( I don't blame them)Ha ha
Ben and I with our sweet Caden!