Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grandma and Brynlee

This is Brynlee's first bath. Its always been a tradition to have my mom and my grandma there for the first bath. So My grandma came to my house and helped me give her a bath. These pictures are precious because my grandma is 81, and as I have come to find out your loved ones don't stay here forever. For now my grandma is the closest thing to a mom I have on this earth. I love her dearly.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bumping into the dreaded EX

Well today we were going to see Bourne Ultimatium. We where waiting for our food and I was loving on Ben, sitting on his lap and running my fingers through his hair. Ya know all that mushy stuff you only manage to do when your on a date. When out of the corner of my eye I see a girl that I recognize from Bens old high school dance pictures. It was the Ex. She wrote Ben all through his mission and he wanted to marry her when he got home. She wrote him 2 letters a week for his whole mission. I've read letters from her to him, they where pretty intense. They even had a place at the bottom of each letter where they drew a box, in the box they would kiss it and pretend they where kissing each other. Gag me. Well I think we all hope when we see the dreaded Ex of our husbands that we will look smoking hot and she will be not so glorious. Well my dream came true tonight........ I looked as good as you can look after having a baby 7 weeks ago. She on the other hand well I don't want to be rude but she was a little bit bigger than Ben remembered. When Ben got home from the mish she broke it off and told him she was in love with a truck driver. Ben was heartbroken but soon found -this hot mama- and its all history from there. I think after tonight Ben should be thanking his lucky stars that he has such a smoking hot wife. (comparably):)

Seeking Comfort

Loss is an interesting thing, those who have never experienced it are scared of it. They wonder how they would ever get through something like that? People come up to me and say " oh my gosh, I don't know what I would do if my mom passed away." I think to my self, "no one asked me if I wanted to do this, but sometimes you don't have a choice." Then there are people that have lost close loved ones. There is a look that I share with these people, all I have to do is look at them and they know how I feel. Just a look, its interesting how much you can tell just by looking into people's eyes. I have these good friends in my ward (among so many others that help me on a daily bases.)they lost there Dad a few weeks before I lost my Mom. We have formed a close bond. There is something so comforting when you know that people have such a good idea of the burdens you hold up. Because I hide them from most people, they don't understand and sadly most forget of the inner torture I'm under on a daily bases. I don't expect people to understand these feelings, even my husband, as much as he tries doesn't understand, he has never lost someone so dear to him. So I guess I'm thankful for people my Heavenly Father put in my path to help me feel not so alone. Thanks LeighAnn and Britta, Their dad Darren Pratt passed away in February 2007.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's hard work being the center of attention

We blessed our baby Brynlee on August 19, 2007. She did wonderfully and stayed still through the whole blessing, she didn't make a peep. Ben did excellent, he told me that he felt the spirit so strong. He felt a lot of very strong feelings while giving the blessing (he even cried while giving the blessing.) I was so proud of both of them. Some special things that the blessing said where " that she would be a peacemaker." also " She would be a force for righteousness and good." That she is blessed to have the light of Christ and it will shine in times of Darkness." Those are just a few things among many others that make us feel that this little angel is a wonderful gift to our family. On a personal note, with the absence of my mom, Brynlee continues to bring me much peace and always makes me feel that she knows how sad I am and I know she looks at me at times and makes me feel that it is all right. Children are a blessing and a joy straight from heaven.

Monday, August 6, 2007


About a week ago Ben and the boys went to get a mouse for the snake. To my detriment the mouse escaped out of the box into my car. This little fuzzy creature has been parading around in my car eating all the food on the floor, (unfortunately there is plenty to feast upon.) I was so distrot at the idea that a stupied stinky mouse was living in my car that a couple of days ago I was crying telling Ben that I was so mad at him, and to get it out.

He put a mouse trap in there, I think that the little thing snapped it open and took the food, there was never any sign of him. Ben left the door open all night to see if it would jump out. I was hoping that this worked????? But I have the greatest sniffer, I can smell everything I new i kept getting a stinky mousy smell sometimes when I would be driving. I thought maybe it had died.

Well today I took blake to swim lessons, I was in the parking lot talking to my sister when I looked down and that little stinky gray mouse was on the floor looking at me (I think I heard him say na na na na na you can't catch me) it could have been my imagination but i don't know. So there I was in the parking lot I new where it was so I got Blake out had him go on one side of the car and me on the other I opened all the doors. Blake would say"mommy i see it over here" I would run to the other side to catch it but it would run away to the other side so I would run around the car again. this went on for 15 minutes it was terribly hot and I was going to strangle this thing with my bear hands. Well finally Blake saw it again and I ran around to the front door and it was trying to climb up under the dashboard. I saw my opportunity the tail was stinking out just enough to grab so I took a deep breath and lunged forward, before it could run away and to my triumph I got him. I put him in a bag and came home and thought this little mouse is not going to just be let go into the wild to feel that it had won me O no, I thought this mouse has got to die for what it has put me through this week. So I went home and fed it to the snake. I think it was an appropriate death for the little monster don't you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My prince charming

Ben is my husband he is great guy he's funny and charming. He is wonderful with our kids. I love this about him. He turns into a little boy when they play together, they have all these fun games they made up and play together on the trampoline. Its so fun. He works at Merrill Lynch and he does some other stuff on the side. He is definately a self made man. He is 6 feet tall dark and handsome. He is a little bigger than he was when i married him, this is pure muscle (hands off ladies he is mine!) all 225 pounds of him. Hunk of burning love.

He has a thing for animals, he is constantly wanting to add to his animal collection this drives me crazy. He has a dog, a snake (he says its Caden's) and soon is going to have a fish tank downstairs with as many fish in it as he can cram. He is always talking about adding to his reptile collection, he wants more snakes and always tells me that they are for the kids, that all the kids need there own snake including Brynlee our 4 week old. He is just a big kid at heart i guess. We will see who gets there way with the animals if i had it my way we would have a pet gold fish.