Monday, February 1, 2010

I need the summer to come!!

Oh how I long for summer, it has been such a long depressing winter I can't hardly stand it. Ben always gets worried as winter comes on because I love to be outside and active and I am the happiest when its nice and warm outside. He keeps on saying he needs to move me to St. George or somewhere else nice an warm. I say " lets go man, I'm ready." It does not help that I am as big as a house in my pregnancy. I am 32 weeks now and feeling it big time. Man I sure love my kids but it is so hard to get them here!! Let me just tell you of all the things I am suffering with at this time. 1. My hips hurt so bad, when I walk let me tell you, I look pretty funny, I waddle back and forth. Clear the way here comes Jenny. 2. When I roll over in bed it is a major production, I grab Ben's arm and rock back and forth and finally when I have enough momentum I hoist my body and hope I make it all the way over on the other side of my body. 3. If I eat to much I have acid reflux all night so I have to taste what I have been eating all through the night, and its no good. You would think this would stop me from eating but it doesn't. 4. Just to bend over and get something off the floor is a huge accomplishment. Lets just say my house has not been the cleanest lately. My poor children are my slaves. I am always dropping something and Its Caden come pick that up, or Blake please go get this. Oh poor children.
We are excited for the new baby to come and for the Mother to be back on her game. When the baby does come it will be getting nicer outside and this will be so wonderful, to have the baby out of me and to be able to go outside and be active. So I will hold in there a little bit longer and survive by eating to much and staying very tuned into Ellen and the Bachelor... (I can't believe he has kept Vivian for so long) these pictures don't really have anything to do with what I wrote about other than they remind my of summer and I love to see green and blue and bright colors, and my kids are so dang cute how can this next one be anything other than B-E-A-utiful.