Monday, November 10, 2008

Casey is finally home!!

Casey is home I'm so excited, its the best. We got him from the airport on tuesday then went to our Grandmas house for the rest of the day. Missionaries come home and they act so strange for a while. Casey has been pretty normal but he not only has to come home from a mission and adjust to real life he also has to adjust to our mom not being around. He is doing amazing though, his report he gave on sunday was really uplifting to all of us. You know I search and search for something to make me feel better about my mom and I worry and worry how Casey will deal with all of this when he gets home. Its amazing because it is so simple, the only way is through Jesus Christ and his atonement, and when I think of that everything slows down I don't worry and it all seems piecefull. Only then ( when I finally realize this which usually takes me a very long time of suffering) Do I know everything will work out. Its all wonderful!!! (I'm a ding ding and forgot my camera so i'll put pictures up later!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Don't upset Wolverine he will run you through!!
Cool biker dude!

What a cute Mummy, 8 months prego. So cute shan!!
All the cousins together Emma, Caden, Nick, Blake, Jay, Carter and Brynlee. Wow cute stuff.
Tara and Brynlee love eachother very much, its so cute, Tara want Brynlee to be her baby, sorry she is my baby. ha ha


Ms. Red Ridding Hood, Sooo cute!!

We had a great Halloween this year!! We all dressed up and looked Fabulous. Brynlee was Red Ridding Hood, Blake was the white power ranger and Caden was a Recon commando. I was an Indian girl and Ben was ..... can you guess who he is????