Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let the count down commence.....

Its official I am going to HAWAII!!!!! I have never really been any where to far away from Utah. I have never been to a tropical place in my whole life, Ive only seen pictures. So when I say I'm very excited that is an understatement, I'm squealing just a little bit right now!! We are soon to be married 10 blissful, hard, terrifying, years. We were supposed to go to Hawaii on our honeymoon then we said we would go a year after we got married, but then oops Caden came along. ha ha So now we have no babies and we have a little bit of cash so we said what the Hell and we are doing it. So I have a question for all of you, because I want the most perfect vacation ever!!
Tell me what should Ben and I do while we are in Hawaii.
These are some things I want to do.
1. Snorkeling
2. Dinner Cruise
3. Deep sea fishing
4. Kayaking
5. Hiking in the presence of waterfalls
So tell me if you have ever been to Hawaii, what are some other things we should do, and if the things that are on my list are not fun let me know??? Thanks

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just trying to make it through..

This whole grieving thing really surprises me, I will be going along feeling fine! I miss my Mom but it all makes since to me and I just seem to be couping really well with the whole thing.

Then out of no where just the last 2 weeks, I am starting to feel angry and very upset at all the changes that have had to happen since she has left. I have been crying a lot, firstly because we all have to go on as a family, doing parties having birthdays, its so hard to keep up the family dynamic with out her here, there is just a sadness at how final it is, she is really gone and I can't see her for a very long time, its way to hard to comprehend.

You know my Dad got re-married and up until now I have been doing ok with that whole thing, but out of no where I am feeling upset at the changes my Dad had to make and how early he had to make them. I miss my mom so bad it hurts to my core, I look at my kids and can not believe she is not her for there birthdays and special events. I look at all the new babies that have been born since she left and I feel such sadness, she would not ever be able to stay away, she loved babies so much. I see everyone around me moving on, forgetting....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The joys of being a Mother!!

I have 3 reasons that I love being a mother and there names are...
I love you all so much!!