Sunday, December 7, 2008

A hole in our bansiter, she could fall 4ft". She has no idea and loves to taunt me and scare me.

My sweet little Brynlee is so cute she is so loving so wonderful but she is driving me crazy!!!! One year olds are so hard, I need to remember for next time I have a baby, "don't be afraid for the birth or even when they are infants. Be very afraid for when they turn one!!" Ha Ha I think its that the sweet little angel, gets into everything. She sticks her hand in the toilet, she climbs ontop of the kitchen table and then falls off. She eats crayons, she eats chapstick, she dumps out a bowl of milk on the couch. Don't even get me started with the Christmas tree its a nightmare.

Its scary really, they are these little people that can walk and climb and lift. But they have no idea what is dangerous, what could hurt them. She would just go walking right into on coming traffic if I was not there. As hard as she is and as much as I want to just pull my hair out with all the naughty little things that she does. I'm so glad that I am here to protect her from the dangers of this world. Sweet little (not so smart) baby!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh my sweet little Blake isn't so little anymore I can't believe he turned 5, Time goes by way to fast. I remember the day he was born he weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz, he was so cute, you have never seen a more beautiful baby than him. He had huge cheeks and sweet beautiful bright red lips. He was crying crying than they layed him on my chest and I was crying and I kept wispering to him its ok, its ok, then he stopped crying and just stared at me. Blake is so sweet and helpful, he always tells me he loves me in the most intense way. He is an intense little boy we always know how he feels good or bad. I love you Blake so much you are my sweet boy!! Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We broke free, from our kids!!

Two weeks ago we went on a vacation with out the kids, that is right we were able to brake free and enjoy some time away from our adorable and sweet but exhausting children!! The reason for this vacation was because my bro. came home from his mission!! Yeah. In light of the saddness he was coming home to, with our sweet mom having passed away while he was on his mission. So we all packed our bags and flew to the happiest place on earth Disneyland!! We had a great time and tryed to celebrate the return of Casey!!

It was fun because we where there while all the christmas stuff was out!!
My sisters I love them so much!!

Siblings reunited
So glad you are home Cas, love you!!