Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Family fun...Caution this may cause you intense emotions of puppy love.

We went to the Dinosaur Museum on Saturday. It was lots of fun, the kids and Ben had fun digging in the mud.
We found this sweet little puppy on the side of the road and it looked at me and it said "take me home with you, I'm cold and hungry and I'm a baby." So being the good person that I am I said sure and now we have a puppy. Ok your right it was not on the side of the road it was at someones house. I have a sickness, it hasn't been officially diagnosed yet, I get a fever, I get overwhelming feelings of love, And I keep saying over and over again " oh my gosh aren't they so cute. its called puppy fever or puppy love, and I can't resist them, I fell in love. I don't think of anything but that sweet baby puppy. I go crazy, Its not until I get home with the puppy that I realize all the work it takes to potty train and feed the little thing. Well I go insane for a moment and I'm not able to see past the baby paws and the sweet baby puppy breath and the way they cuttle up in your neck and go to sleep. Ahhhh. Well anyway this is Gunner he is a mutt, but I love him!!
Isn't he cute!
Blake and Gunner are best buddies they sleep together and Blake carries him everywhere!
There is nothing cutter than babies and puppies.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January blues!!

Its a set up from the beginning. They get you all excited and happy for Halloween, Yeah candy woohoo. Then comes Thanksgiving, I mean how great to just eat and eat and eat. Then before you know it Christmas is here and we all are merry and happy with excitement and wonderment for the big day. Then we get to party hardy bringing in the New Year. Woohoo 2009 how fun, the night is full of friends, family and craziness. Then they do it to you ( who are they you ask, well you know who you are and I'm not happy with you) January and February hit, they are the two worst months of the whole year. Its freezing outside, no one is out and about, its like a ghost town outside. Undoubtedly its the time we all get sick, (At least I am.) There is nothing to do but stay home with a bunch of stir crazy children. So I say get rid of January and February and lets head right into March when the grass starts turning green and little tulips start popping through to say hello. If anyone has any suggestions how to get me though these next two awful months please share your ideas with me. Until then I'm (depressed in January) signing out!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Caden's special day!!

Caden got baptised this last weekend. It was so funny, we went to go to Caden's baptism and stake had forgotten to fill the font with water, So there we where with a room full of family and friends all wondering why the baptism hadn't started yet. It was so funny we had to tell everyone to come back to our house while the font filled up for a few hours. Ha Ha It makes for a great story and good memories. I don't think Caden will ever forget this special day he was so cute and sweet. He told me after his baptism, while we where driving in the car just me and him. I asked him if he felt any different and he sat there and thought about it and said, I feel that there is a little light inside me, and that when I do good it feels really good!! Oh I'm telling you he is one choice spirit!! I love him so dearly he is just the greatest son anyone could ask for, I'm so lucky!!
Gandma and Grandpa with Caden
This is most of the people who attended the baptism, the others got sick of waiting for the font to fill and left.( I don't blame them)Ha ha
Ben and I with our sweet Caden!