Monday, April 27, 2009

The small things....

I was doing the laundry the other day ( I know amazing huh) anyways after I had pulled out all the clothes I found a 10 dollar bill sitting there!! It was great and just made me so happy so I was thinking about all the other small things in life that just put a smile on my face... so here they are in no exact order....

1. My tulips just are peaking through the ground and It just makes me so happy!!

2. When I go to a movie I love, love ,to get popcorn and a butterfingers and a coke, I take a bite of popcorn and a bite of butterfingers in my mouth at the same time...mmmm, mmm then take a swig of Diet Coke oh its great!!

3. When I'm playing tennis against my husband and he thinks he is all great because he is beating me, he has that smug look on his face, and It whizzes over the net going so fast, and he tries to get it, and fails.. ha ha! I'm victorious, and I'm the winner, if only for that one awesome shot.

4. When I'm feeling mad at the world for things I don't understand and can not control, I will go to the tennis court and hit some tennis balls as hard as I can. I love it, its the best!!!

5. There are these moments in times when everything slows down, and I see things so clearly, I look at my kids and its like out of a movie or something... My kids are being funny and all getting along and for a moment I think wow this is what its all about... and then life feels good for a moment....

6. There are times when I'm at church and I just feel so much love for everyone around me, (even the people I don't really like that much) s and I get a glimpse of the Love our Savior must have for us all!!

6. After it rains I love the way it smells!!

7. Life is crazy, with work, kids soccer, school, kids being sick and just the crazy schedule,, I am one of those needy wives that need Ben to tell me often how much he loves me. So sometimes through the craziness he will surprise me with a trip or a fun date.. oh my gosh I love it, to feel special for a moment is so great!!!

8. I love having lunch with my Grandma, it is so great, her house is like this unchanging place that is always there, always warm and loving. I've been going there since I was born!! It is a wonderful sanctuary that is so dear to me!!

Those are some things in my life that make life worth liven!!