Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1 year Anniversary

This is my sweet mom and my little bro., Elder Humphreys, he is serving his mission in Memphis, Tennessee right now. He is really enjoying it, he is bringing lots of sheep to the fold. My mom is serving her mission in heaven for now. I know that she is being a great missionary and bringing forth a great work in heaven. I miss you mom!!! She has been gone from this earthly experience for a year now. It seems to long and yet like yesterday that I was holding her close to me. I don't understand how people can be gone from us, people we love and cherish. It brings tears to my eyes that I haven't seen or talked to her for a whole year. (I'll put more pictures up soon of me and my mom, just trying to figure it out. How do you get pictures from the scanner to the computer ahhhh!)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Crazy Blake

I haven't done many posts on Blake. So I thought I needed to pay tribute to just him! He is a passionate little guy. When he loves me he really loves me. He squeezes me so hard when he hugs me, he abouts pops my head off. Then When he is mad at me he is passionately mad at me or Ben or Caden... depends on who his victim is!
He is so as cute as the day is long. Everywhere I go people tell me what a lady killer he is going to be when he grows up. I agree, I'm very afraid for those days to come!
He's a daddies boy right now. He always wakes up early early just to spend time with Ben in the morning before he has to dash off to work.
Where would our family be with out our little spirited boy. He always brings lots of excitment into the Noble household that is for sure!