Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mom and Dads Anniversary

My Mom and Dad's Anniversary is today... I felt that I needed to tell you all a little about my Mom and Dad, and the way they were together. When my Mom and Dad met at Utah State, my Mom was in a very serious long term relationship with a different guy. My Mom and Dad were set up on a blind date at first, my Dad came to get my Mom, and My Mom said he was so proper and stiff. They liked each other, my Mom thought he was very HOT and my Dad was being to nervous to know what he thought... anyways a few weeks went by and my Dad needed a date for a Halloween party, he thought about all the many women he had gone out with in the past and remembered Christine. So he called her and she said yes, my Dad was so nervous again that he decided to loosen up by having a few drinks!! Well he really loosened up, he was practically hammered and my mom said he was tons of fun and like a different guy!! ha ha

They dated a lot after that and my Dad was madly in love with her, she still had this other guy she was seeing... so she went home to tell this guy it was off. When she went home her family and this man were very influential over her and she decided to stay with him, she called my Dad and he was devastated.. poor guy went straight home to his Mom and Dad to help him through this difficult time. When he got home my Grandma said " You need to loose some weight. We will whip you into shape and that girl won't be able to resist you!! So my Dad lost weight pumped him self up, and my Grandma made him this cute jumper to go back to school in. (How nerdy) My mom saw my Dad walking on campus and that was it, she was smitten!! So they got married in the temple about a year later on October 18, 1973.

They had 4 beautiful children ( if I do say so myself) who loved and admired them. They had a hard life with lots of job changes and moving around, they never had a lot of money and I remember them having hard times, and many happy times. They made it through all of those things with love and understanding and supporting one another. In the end it was so sweet to see the way they looked at one another, my mom was very sick and she would only wake up for long enough to give my Dad a kiss and tell him she loved him. They are sealed for eternity.. they miss one another, but what a blessing to know they will be together always!!