Monday, September 17, 2007

The many faces of my Brynlee Baby!!

The first pose is her " Just a minute I'll push it out, you better be ready" face.

The second pose is "Oh mommy your so funny" face.

The third pose is, is this my lunch time Boobie or my dinner Boobie. (That is what we call it in my home
I'm sure there is a much more politically
correct way to say that. oh well!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Baby Blues

I am happy to report that my baby is now 11 weeks old and she is doing wonderfully. She sleeps tell 6:15 every morning then goes right back to bed until like 8:00. She smiles at me and just has the most precious expressions. Ooh I could suck her face off, that is how cute she is to me. My blues don't come because of my precious baby. They come because I can't seem to get off these last few pound of baby weight. I gained an obscene amount of weight while pregnant with Brynlee, (lets just say I wasn't in the 100's anymore) pretty terrible really. But I have a motto and it is... "there is no other time in my life that being fat is ok, so I eat whatever I want when I'm pregnant cause I am hungry." So my dilemma now is, loosing the rest of my weight, I already lost like 45 pounds since she was born and that is good but I need to loose more. So if you have any advice on how to get past my bodies natural happy place please let me know.
-This is a before picture not even to my highest weight, This is a now picture, my boobs are so big they account for at least 5 pounds each.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Check out my Poll at the bottom!

Help me figure out my dilema. We are planning a trip with lots of family and friends. We are kinda incharge and i'm trying to figure out how is the best way to feed everyone. Thanks.

Weekend at the Cabin

We went up to Kamas this last weekend. I was dreading it because this was the first time taking Brynlee out on a trip. I was worried she wouldn't sleep as well in a different place. So we decided to go for a night. It was so fun, the cabin we stayed at was really nice. The boys had a blast and we were all having fun family time. Brynlee slept better than she does at home some nights, so that made me really happy. We stayed up there with Ben's parents, they have 4 wheelers so we did a little 4 wheeling it was such a good time. They had a swimming pool and playground close to the cabin, the kids had a blast.