Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend at the Cabin

We went up to Kamas this last weekend. I was dreading it because this was the first time taking Brynlee out on a trip. I was worried she wouldn't sleep as well in a different place. So we decided to go for a night. It was so fun, the cabin we stayed at was really nice. The boys had a blast and we were all having fun family time. Brynlee slept better than she does at home some nights, so that made me really happy. We stayed up there with Ben's parents, they have 4 wheelers so we did a little 4 wheeling it was such a good time. They had a swimming pool and playground close to the cabin, the kids had a blast.


Gin said...

looks like fun! just think, next year we can plan some camping trips TOGETHER...yay!

Jenny said...

Yeah, that will be awesome. I can't wait for you to be my little buddy. I love that our husbands love eachother also it makes it all work great.

Elita said...

Good post.