Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Major Milestone

da da da da..... My daughter in pig tails!
Hooray the day has finally come.
Look at that, two definate pony tails!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Always running behind

I wake up every day to the exact same thing-My middle son Blake always wakes up at 7 every morning. In my opinion way to early. I feel anything before 8 is an abomination in my sight. He comes in and the first thing that he says is "mom I'm hungry." Then I say "Blake you are always hungry." So I put him off as long as I can, until he gets the clever idea that a sure fire way that I will get out of bed is if Brynlee is awake. So I hear Brynlee cry and hear the scurrying little feet run away. I say " Blake did you wake Brynlee up?" He giggles and says "Mom she was already awake." I finally get out of bed..... My oldest son Caden has school at 8:25, he and I have a hard time waking up so we get going at oh 8:07. I never have him do his reading the night before because I'm the hugest procrastinator on the planet. So while I'm dressing him I'm asking him "where is your book Caden, why haven't you read it yet." ( this is to divert the blame from me so I don't feel like such a crappy mom) So while he is asking me if he can have some great breakfast like eggs or french toast, I'm saying " Caden we don't have time, your late, you slept in, you need to read and brush your teeth." Then he says "mom, I'm hungry." So I say fine" (like it is such an inconvenience for him to eat) I grab the fastest thing that he can eat in the car. ( usually a granola bar or yogurt) Then I continue to say things like "Caden you move like a turtle" and "my grandma moves faster than you." Well then we finally get into the car, sometimes I have him read his book on the way to school if we are really late. We pull up with a screech then I tell him to give me a quick kiss, I tell him to run, maybe you can beat your teacher into your classroom and not get another tardy. ( they are sending me home notes now telling me my child is always late) Well that about sums up my crazy mornings of making my sweet children feel loved and cherished like there the most important thing to me. You know I just like to send them off to school with a little extra boost at the beginning of the day to really set there day off right! I know, I know, you want to nominate me for mother of the year. Well just wait cause this is just the first installment to my 3 part series of the wonderful mom that I am......

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The fun continues

Here are some more pictures from our fabulous trip!!
If your wondering....Yes that is a lego family we are standing by. Ha Ha Caden is sitting on the lego dad's shoulders.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

San Diego

We just fed some dolphins!

Cute Little Bugs!!

There's Shamu!

We love the waves

We did it we went to San Diego with our three kids. Or shall I say I did it. I survived the treacherous drive of 13 hrs. It is like the most horrible thing to be stuck in a car with your 7 then 4 then 8month old children. I thought I might die, but alas I didn't as you can see by the pictures we did make it some how in one piece. It was worth the drive we had so much fun with our kids. It will go down as one of the greatest vacations we have ever had!!

Easter Fun

Ahhh,Easter such a great day. We had a wonderful Easter this year, full of eggs, toys and new sunday outfits. We also sat down as a family and talked about our savior Jesus Christ. I love that my children are old enough now that they are eager to learn about the real meaning of Easter.


hhhhBrynlee has a cousin named Carter, they are so cute together!! They are 9 months apart, I'm so happy that they are such good friends. Carter is so cute cause he always acts like he is so much bigger than Brynlee. Cousins are the greatest, there like siblings that you don't have to be around all the time.
These are kinda long but I couldn't decide which one was cuter so I put them both on. No one was injured in the making of this video!! ha ha