Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our first family picture since baby.

Blake and Carlee are straight up twinners! Both so beautiful!

This was too cute, I had to put it up.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun in the Sun!!

Brynlee with cousin Carter

We have had a great summer thus far. My kids are so cute I love them all so much!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Introducing baby Carlee!! Better late than never..

These are pictures of Carlee from a few days old to 4 1/2 months old. Isn't she cute, we love her!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I need the summer to come!!

Oh how I long for summer, it has been such a long depressing winter I can't hardly stand it. Ben always gets worried as winter comes on because I love to be outside and active and I am the happiest when its nice and warm outside. He keeps on saying he needs to move me to St. George or somewhere else nice an warm. I say " lets go man, I'm ready." It does not help that I am as big as a house in my pregnancy. I am 32 weeks now and feeling it big time. Man I sure love my kids but it is so hard to get them here!! Let me just tell you of all the things I am suffering with at this time. 1. My hips hurt so bad, when I walk let me tell you, I look pretty funny, I waddle back and forth. Clear the way here comes Jenny. 2. When I roll over in bed it is a major production, I grab Ben's arm and rock back and forth and finally when I have enough momentum I hoist my body and hope I make it all the way over on the other side of my body. 3. If I eat to much I have acid reflux all night so I have to taste what I have been eating all through the night, and its no good. You would think this would stop me from eating but it doesn't. 4. Just to bend over and get something off the floor is a huge accomplishment. Lets just say my house has not been the cleanest lately. My poor children are my slaves. I am always dropping something and Its Caden come pick that up, or Blake please go get this. Oh poor children.
We are excited for the new baby to come and for the Mother to be back on her game. When the baby does come it will be getting nicer outside and this will be so wonderful, to have the baby out of me and to be able to go outside and be active. So I will hold in there a little bit longer and survive by eating to much and staying very tuned into Ellen and the Bachelor... (I can't believe he has kept Vivian for so long) these pictures don't really have anything to do with what I wrote about other than they remind my of summer and I love to see green and blue and bright colors, and my kids are so dang cute how can this next one be anything other than B-E-A-utiful.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It was Our Mom's Birthday last week, It is a very hard time of year for all of us. Thanksgiving is

especially hard with her birthday being so close, she used to always be up for her birthday. I have so many wonderful memories of this time of year with her. My brother wrote this note to his family the other night and I felt that he said everything so poetically and lovingly I wanted to post it. I feel this way a lot also. My Brother Casey is a very strong person who has been very strong for all of us. I appreciate him so much!!

I am feeling very deep right now. Life is full of so much. So many decisions. I am frustrated. I have tried to devoted myself and my life to the gospel. My mother got sick, I cried with her,I stood tall as she cried on my shoulder. I shuddered in my room as I heard her cry in pain from afar. I stood by the side of my father as we offered unto her countless blessings. I took my call of duty to service. I had to leave. We cried once again. I served, I did what I was supposed to do. She became worse. I left the vineyard to be by her side. We cried together once more. I left again. I left my dying mother to never see her again in this life. I served the Lord and shared the glad message honorably. I returned home to a changed life. To a motherless life. Things are supposed to work out. Things are supposed to go well. My sacrifice should be recognized. But it is not. This is wrong. I should be thankful. I should be thankful for my trials. But right now I am not. My life would be better if my mom were here. I would be better. I would not feel so alone. I pray that this attitude will change. I pray that I may be worthy of the Spirit to touch and change my heart. I pray that I may stand in holy places and be guided. I pray that there will be those along my path that will recognize my life and challenges. I pray for the day that I will see my mom. My precious Mother. My angel Mother. I miss you so. Words cannot express. Their is a hole. It is everywhere. It grows. it is ever-present. She loved me so much in her mortal life. She offered me so much. My life felt so complete. The pain overwhelms me, but I must go on. I know that if I live worthy, the Lord will bless my life. This is the hope that I hold onto. Right now I feel anger, but hope will always ensue.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake

Blake turned 6!! For Blake's 6th birthday he decided to have a swimming party. It turned out so great, all the kids had a great time! Blake got everything he asked for. It was so good to see Blake laughing and smiling and just having the time of his life. He loves swimming and loves all his friends.. Blake is such a sweet boy who is very smart and funny! He always loves to play with his brother Caden, he was so good to share all his toys with his brother. I want to say how happy I am that Blake is my son and I get the privilege of taking care of him. So Happy Birthday buddy, you are one very handsome special boy!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mom and Dads Anniversary

My Mom and Dad's Anniversary is today... I felt that I needed to tell you all a little about my Mom and Dad, and the way they were together. When my Mom and Dad met at Utah State, my Mom was in a very serious long term relationship with a different guy. My Mom and Dad were set up on a blind date at first, my Dad came to get my Mom, and My Mom said he was so proper and stiff. They liked each other, my Mom thought he was very HOT and my Dad was being to nervous to know what he thought... anyways a few weeks went by and my Dad needed a date for a Halloween party, he thought about all the many women he had gone out with in the past and remembered Christine. So he called her and she said yes, my Dad was so nervous again that he decided to loosen up by having a few drinks!! Well he really loosened up, he was practically hammered and my mom said he was tons of fun and like a different guy!! ha ha

They dated a lot after that and my Dad was madly in love with her, she still had this other guy she was seeing... so she went home to tell this guy it was off. When she went home her family and this man were very influential over her and she decided to stay with him, she called my Dad and he was devastated.. poor guy went straight home to his Mom and Dad to help him through this difficult time. When he got home my Grandma said " You need to loose some weight. We will whip you into shape and that girl won't be able to resist you!! So my Dad lost weight pumped him self up, and my Grandma made him this cute jumper to go back to school in. (How nerdy) My mom saw my Dad walking on campus and that was it, she was smitten!! So they got married in the temple about a year later on October 18, 1973.

They had 4 beautiful children ( if I do say so myself) who loved and admired them. They had a hard life with lots of job changes and moving around, they never had a lot of money and I remember them having hard times, and many happy times. They made it through all of those things with love and understanding and supporting one another. In the end it was so sweet to see the way they looked at one another, my mom was very sick and she would only wake up for long enough to give my Dad a kiss and tell him she loved him. They are sealed for eternity.. they miss one another, but what a blessing to know they will be together always!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Brynlee turned 2!!!

My beautiful baby girl has turned two and I am still in disbelief... It was just like yesterday I was in the hospital having her. She is my love, my only girl so far. I have such a bond with her. She is fun loving, beautiful, mischievous, and just so dang funny!! I get all emotional just thinking about her.. oh boy I think my pregnancy hormones are getting away from me again. She is a Daddy's girl that is for sure, (which I love, she always wants him) ha ha.. Well anyway we had a little birthday party for her up at a park close to the mountains, it was a beautiful day!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a great day!!

(Doesn't he look sad to leave me. Um not really, that is the face of, "stop taking pictures of me mom and let me go!!")

Well every blog I read, and every mother I talk to says, oh it was so hard to send my baby off to Kindergarten, I just cried and cried.... well there must be something wrong with me cause I threw a little party. I dropped My Blake off at school, I saw the other mothers sitting around feeling sad, watching there kids play, I did get out of the car and I watched him play with the kids, I just kept looking at my watch thinking when is the bell going to ring. Then I looked at him said"bye buddy" he said bye mom and that was it. I ran to the car, got home threw Brynlee in bed. My party was about to begin and I was very excited, I got some Ice cream turned on an episode of Friends!!! OH the joy in not hearing his little voice tell me he was bored. And can I go play with a friend... I know I sound awful but I think I have said it before in this blog, me and Blake have a love hate relationship. I think he feels the same about me... So in conclusion I just want to tell you all I love Blake, I do, but I love him a lot more when I don't spend every single second with him!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Our wonderful trip to Hawaii

Outside at the bar we were sipping drinks, enjoying an amazing view.. I love pineapple

Captain Jenny at your service.

Ben did not do well on our sea voyage, he had a hard time stomaching it.. Poor guy.

Ben is wanting to catch a crab, they are quick little buggers.


At the end of the road to Hana you go on some great hikes, so beautiful, I was blown away by everything I saw, these trees grow up and then back down in the ground. It was like a little jail, we had been naughty... ha ha

ahhh the happy couple, this is down in Lahaina by the pier.

Pineapple juice anyone...

What a view, this was at the end of the dreaded road to Hana it was awesome and beautiful but I won't be doing it again...

It was raining at the luau, but it was still so much fun... I loved all the fun drinks..

Outside our hotel, ready for a hot date!