Monday, September 17, 2007

The many faces of my Brynlee Baby!!

The first pose is her " Just a minute I'll push it out, you better be ready" face.

The second pose is "Oh mommy your so funny" face.

The third pose is, is this my lunch time Boobie or my dinner Boobie. (That is what we call it in my home
I'm sure there is a much more politically
correct way to say that. oh well!)


Gin said...

wow, she looks just like you jenny. She's sooo beautiful (I guess by default that means you're beautiful too)

Jenny said...

Thanks your so sweet, you should be in bed you know. Hey I don't know how to move the pictures so they look straight. I have been trying for a while its driving me crazy.

Jenny said...

also check out my sisters new blog, she is one of my contacts its called -sweet escape- she could use another comment she is just starting out

Gin said...

I clicked on sweet escape but the link doesn't pull up anything.

when you're adding pictures there are 4 boxes underneath the "browse" box.
one says no layout (or something like that) the next one says right, center, and left. I usually align them in the center. Then on the right hand side of those boxed there is the option for size (small, medium, large) I usually choose large. Let me know if you need more help

Ally said...

Jenny, she is so cute! Girls are so much fun! So what is all this blogging about? I made one too. But now I don't know what to do with it! I made one what??? I love yours and Shanny's. What about Tawa? I love you guys.

Shannon said...

That smiling one is so have never been politically correct...why start now.