Friday, March 7, 2008

Crazy Blake

I haven't done many posts on Blake. So I thought I needed to pay tribute to just him! He is a passionate little guy. When he loves me he really loves me. He squeezes me so hard when he hugs me, he abouts pops my head off. Then When he is mad at me he is passionately mad at me or Ben or Caden... depends on who his victim is!
He is so as cute as the day is long. Everywhere I go people tell me what a lady killer he is going to be when he grows up. I agree, I'm very afraid for those days to come!
He's a daddies boy right now. He always wakes up early early just to spend time with Ben in the morning before he has to dash off to work.
Where would our family be with out our little spirited boy. He always brings lots of excitment into the Noble household that is for sure!


Ginnie said...

Check out that handsome little man! I can't wait to let our two little heelians play together.... soon!

Shannon said...

I love Blake to death! He is such a sweet boy in spite of him trying to convice you he is not! Love you