Monday, August 6, 2007


About a week ago Ben and the boys went to get a mouse for the snake. To my detriment the mouse escaped out of the box into my car. This little fuzzy creature has been parading around in my car eating all the food on the floor, (unfortunately there is plenty to feast upon.) I was so distrot at the idea that a stupied stinky mouse was living in my car that a couple of days ago I was crying telling Ben that I was so mad at him, and to get it out.

He put a mouse trap in there, I think that the little thing snapped it open and took the food, there was never any sign of him. Ben left the door open all night to see if it would jump out. I was hoping that this worked????? But I have the greatest sniffer, I can smell everything I new i kept getting a stinky mousy smell sometimes when I would be driving. I thought maybe it had died.

Well today I took blake to swim lessons, I was in the parking lot talking to my sister when I looked down and that little stinky gray mouse was on the floor looking at me (I think I heard him say na na na na na you can't catch me) it could have been my imagination but i don't know. So there I was in the parking lot I new where it was so I got Blake out had him go on one side of the car and me on the other I opened all the doors. Blake would say"mommy i see it over here" I would run to the other side to catch it but it would run away to the other side so I would run around the car again. this went on for 15 minutes it was terribly hot and I was going to strangle this thing with my bear hands. Well finally Blake saw it again and I ran around to the front door and it was trying to climb up under the dashboard. I saw my opportunity the tail was stinking out just enough to grab so I took a deep breath and lunged forward, before it could run away and to my triumph I got him. I put him in a bag and came home and thought this little mouse is not going to just be let go into the wild to feel that it had won me O no, I thought this mouse has got to die for what it has put me through this week. So I went home and fed it to the snake. I think it was an appropriate death for the little monster don't you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gin said...

I love it, love it, love it! especially the part where you actually grabbed the mouse...AHHHH! for being so scared of mice you sure did a good job, Ben should be proud of you. I still have to laugh when I think about you having a mouse in your car...sorry. But just think if that didn't happen you wouldn't of had this good story to put on your blog and I wouldn't of had anything to laugh at. Thanks for posting it, it made me smile :)

Kaatia said...

Nasty!!!!!!!!!!! I have three things to say: You're braver than me, congratulations, and good riddence to the scary little thing!

ChAsE WatTS said...

HA HA ha Jenny that is so funny! I totally heard that story right after it happened! I heard it really sucked and i am glad it happened to you and not me, because one thing is i hate mice and second it gives me something to laugh about! Ha Just Kidding good story