Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bumping into the dreaded EX

Well today we were going to see Bourne Ultimatium. We where waiting for our food and I was loving on Ben, sitting on his lap and running my fingers through his hair. Ya know all that mushy stuff you only manage to do when your on a date. When out of the corner of my eye I see a girl that I recognize from Bens old high school dance pictures. It was the Ex. She wrote Ben all through his mission and he wanted to marry her when he got home. She wrote him 2 letters a week for his whole mission. I've read letters from her to him, they where pretty intense. They even had a place at the bottom of each letter where they drew a box, in the box they would kiss it and pretend they where kissing each other. Gag me. Well I think we all hope when we see the dreaded Ex of our husbands that we will look smoking hot and she will be not so glorious. Well my dream came true tonight........ I looked as good as you can look after having a baby 7 weeks ago. She on the other hand well I don't want to be rude but she was a little bit bigger than Ben remembered. When Ben got home from the mish she broke it off and told him she was in love with a truck driver. Ben was heartbroken but soon found -this hot mama- and its all history from there. I think after tonight Ben should be thanking his lucky stars that he has such a smoking hot wife. (comparably):)


Kaatia said...

Oh my goodness -- this is great! I'm glad you're doing this. The dreaded Ex, huh? Yeah, it would've been weird for Mike if he had been with us in WI a couple weeks ago for that same reason. I'm glad you're so much more fabulous than she. Love ya!

Gin said...

It would have been terrible if she showed up with a skinny little body and big boobs...I'm glad that was not the case. There's nothing like a chubby ex-girlfriend to boost your confidence a little.

ChAsE wATts said...

Jenny you are definitly way way better lookin then her i am pretty sure steph and i found a picture of her a couple months ago (I think), but yeah if it was, she was not that great what was ben thinkin! it must have been those pre mission male hormones or something like that!!! Ha Ha