Saturday, August 25, 2007

Seeking Comfort

Loss is an interesting thing, those who have never experienced it are scared of it. They wonder how they would ever get through something like that? People come up to me and say " oh my gosh, I don't know what I would do if my mom passed away." I think to my self, "no one asked me if I wanted to do this, but sometimes you don't have a choice." Then there are people that have lost close loved ones. There is a look that I share with these people, all I have to do is look at them and they know how I feel. Just a look, its interesting how much you can tell just by looking into people's eyes. I have these good friends in my ward (among so many others that help me on a daily bases.)they lost there Dad a few weeks before I lost my Mom. We have formed a close bond. There is something so comforting when you know that people have such a good idea of the burdens you hold up. Because I hide them from most people, they don't understand and sadly most forget of the inner torture I'm under on a daily bases. I don't expect people to understand these feelings, even my husband, as much as he tries doesn't understand, he has never lost someone so dear to him. So I guess I'm thankful for people my Heavenly Father put in my path to help me feel not so alone. Thanks LeighAnn and Britta, Their dad Darren Pratt passed away in February 2007.

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Gin said...

I'm so glad you have a good friend in the ward, some one who knows what you're going through. (just don't become bestfriends on me now)

Love you & thinkin' of you!