Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My prince charming

Ben is my husband he is great guy he's funny and charming. He is wonderful with our kids. I love this about him. He turns into a little boy when they play together, they have all these fun games they made up and play together on the trampoline. Its so fun. He works at Merrill Lynch and he does some other stuff on the side. He is definately a self made man. He is 6 feet tall dark and handsome. He is a little bigger than he was when i married him, this is pure muscle (hands off ladies he is mine!) all 225 pounds of him. Hunk of burning love.

He has a thing for animals, he is constantly wanting to add to his animal collection this drives me crazy. He has a dog, a snake (he says its Caden's) and soon is going to have a fish tank downstairs with as many fish in it as he can cram. He is always talking about adding to his reptile collection, he wants more snakes and always tells me that they are for the kids, that all the kids need there own snake including Brynlee our 4 week old. He is just a big kid at heart i guess. We will see who gets there way with the animals if i had it my way we would have a pet gold fish.


Gin said...

Ahhh Benny boy, we love you too!

s t e p h ! :D said...

Well you got them goldfish now! two of 'em infact! haha what will be next?? i think ben's going to try to go for an aquarium wall complete with reptile marketing website and storage unit!!