Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's hard work being the center of attention

We blessed our baby Brynlee on August 19, 2007. She did wonderfully and stayed still through the whole blessing, she didn't make a peep. Ben did excellent, he told me that he felt the spirit so strong. He felt a lot of very strong feelings while giving the blessing (he even cried while giving the blessing.) I was so proud of both of them. Some special things that the blessing said where " that she would be a peacemaker." also " She would be a force for righteousness and good." That she is blessed to have the light of Christ and it will shine in times of Darkness." Those are just a few things among many others that make us feel that this little angel is a wonderful gift to our family. On a personal note, with the absence of my mom, Brynlee continues to bring me much peace and always makes me feel that she knows how sad I am and I know she looks at me at times and makes me feel that it is all right. Children are a blessing and a joy straight from heaven.


Nate said...

Nice touch Ben... Nice touch both of you. (Ben, I was confused why the heavens opened and angels were singing that day although I did enjoy the spiritual moment. I thought to myself what a nice day for angels. It all makes perfect sense, I know now that was the time you were blessing your baby and realize that they were singing to you and their little angel friend you had in your arms.) Can't wait to meet your little angel. Out.

Gin said...

Oh, I love her already! I can't wait to hold her...she is beautiful and by the way, you look amazing too!