Saturday, November 10, 2007

Well its been a year since my brother Elder Casey Humphreys has been out on his mission. Alot of stuff has changed since he has been gone. Its so strange how so much stuff can happen in one year. I love my brother so much. He and I have always been very close its been hard to not have him around at this time in our lives. He is serving so diligently. I don't know many men who would be able to stay out on there mission in the midst of there mom dieing. He is the strongest person I know and I am excited that he has brought many people into the gospel. Way to go Casey, I love you.


Shannon said...

This was fabulous! I have been meaning to to a tribute to casey on mine. that is next. I love you Casey! You are the best!

Anonymous said...

oh jenny that was a surprise to see that on your blog.. oh i love you so much, that is great, less than a year to go, you're the best jen we'll make it together we an do it. love your bro, Casey