Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Its all a bad dream

On Monday morning as I went into my kids room, I looked over my shoulder as I usually do to make sure the snakes, that Ben thinks need to be in the boys rooms are still there. I have always feared the idea of them escaping into the house. How horrible that would be ahhhh.

So I glanced over my shoulder and did a double take, the snake that is normally hanging on this big log in the cage isn't there. So I stepped back and took of the top of the cage, I moved stuff around examining every little corner, I even took my finger and ran it threw all the sand at the bottom thinking to myself "This is not possible it has to be under something, anything." Fear was starting to surface now. I could feel my face getting hot and I yelled for Caden, in the hope that, I don't know somehow my 6 year old can make all of this right! I start looking around my room in horror thinking "O my gosh its out, its in my precious home my sanctuary is being inhabited by a cold blooded snake." A jungle carpet python to be exact.

So I call Ben he is on his way to work, I told him to get home immediately, he kept saying its not a big deal Jenny calm down. I was not calm, my mind went to " well I can go stay in my grandma's basement until this thing is caught." Its not that I'm really afraid that a snake is going to hurt me. Its that I have a Baby and all I can think about is that this snake is cold blooded and it wants to be with things that are warm. What is more warm and snugly than a baby. AHHHH

We went all day not able to locate the snake. I cleaned rooms out. Looked in every corner and every time I saw a black belt or something dark, I felt all scared and shaky. So night came and my anxiety was through the roof. I was worried to put Brynlee in her room. So I went into my room to fall asleep or at least try to and (just so you know Ben is already snoring away not the least bit concerned about the monster loose in our home.) It was then that I heard this big crash!! I jumped out of bed wondering, what on earth could that be. Of course in my mind the snake had grown and i was thinking it was in the kids room terrorising them. (I have a good imagination) I couldn't find anything so I went to lay down again, and crash there was the same sound again. My heart started to race and I hit Ben and said "get up there is something in this house making noises. " So we went out on the prowl, Ben in his I don't care voice said " Here is the snake you have been looking for" So there it was not as big as I had remembered hanging out in the shower on the ledge. He was sticking his tongue out at me I think trying to irritate me. Well so it was over the drama of wondering where the beast could have been. I slept well that night thank goodness. Never again will that happen, I put like 10 books on top of its cage. Ha try to get out now you filthy animal. Ha


Shannon said...

Sell the snake! Sell the snake! Sell the snake! Before it eats Brynlee! That's all I have to say!

Ally said...

Jenny! Aagghh! I'm with Shannon - SELL THE SNAKE! You are so much more patient that I would be. I would have divorced Wyatt the second he didn't come home to find the beast!

Ginnie said...

I think it's funny (not to laugh at your expense). I'm so glad you found it...I had faith.