Tuesday, November 6, 2007


- We are playing BigBudda-
-Ben and I, he was the best Big Budda, for ovious reasons-
Raggity Ann and Indian Princess
Tara being a Greek Godess
My cousin Adam and Tara Jane

I had an Adult Halloween Party at my house, it was so great, we played lots of games and laughed and just acted silly. We played this one game where we had to smash a balloon between your partner and you, when it popped you had to find this little paper that was inside and do what ever it said to do! Me and my cousin michelle popped a balloon together and it said kiss your favorite person so we smacked a big one on each other it was funny. Awww good times.......


Shannon said...

Fabulous! We had a great halloween. Can't wait for it to become a tradition! You did such a great job putting it all together. It was worth it!

Ginnie said...

Hey you I got your message. Nate had the cell phone all day yesterday so I couldn't call...my response to what you were wondering is...trust me, don't worry. I've just been really busy this week with pictures and I haven't felt so good so I haven't checked my usual blogs.

By the way, I love the halloween pics. Looks like you guys had a blast...too bad I couldn't be there. And tell ben he looks nasty. love ya