Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Girls Weekend

This is our new family we are currently recruiting so let me know if you would like to join. The more the merrier. We like warm fun loving people, that are willing to bear there souls. Secrets are not allowed!!!
Liegh-Anne and I at my Dad's house
Pretty Girls
Shan and Brynlee sharing a moment.
Car time is so fun, we sang, laughed and cried boo hoo.
Shan and Britta

We all went to St.George over last weekend for a girls weekend. It was so much fun. These days of feeling sad alot of the time it sure feels nice to blow off the cares of the world and throw caution to the wind. So we said "see you later alligators to our families" We left on Friday we went shopping, layed by the pool got a tan, we had a big slumber party out in the living room. Going to St. George is always really hard with my mom not being there anymore. I look around and see her everywhere. When we where there with friends laughing and having a good time it filled the house with happiness. It felt really great. I encourage you all to have a big long girls weekend soon.


Ally said...
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Ally said...

I love the pictures. "girl" time is the best. I love getting together with Wyatt's sisters. We talk and laugh! We are good at laughing. They are pretty silly sometimes. I only know "boy" things since that's all I had growing up. I kinda like the "girl" thing. Love you, Allyson P.S. Brynlee and Shannon looked so cute in that picture

Ally said...

Jenny - I deleted my 1st comment because I spelled Brynlee's name wrong! Bad Auntie! Sorry. :)

Nicole said...

Jenny, I'd like to be recruited into your family. You guys are the best!!1

Ginnie said...

I'm jealous...looks like you guys had a blast. Don't have too much fun with out me.

Shannon said...

Me and Brynlee are Hot mama's!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys had totally deserve a fun time! Love you guys!! Missy