Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sooo Sad.......Or is it?

I have a very sad story to tell!! It all begins with my sweet husband buying a Nissan Titan Truck, bright shiny red, fun to drive, and I look hot in it!! Oh sorry I'm getting carried away. Your probably thinking (isn't this a sad story.) Ok so in getting this truck my husband has always had dreams about what he wanted to do when he got his cool new truck. One of these things included putting his two dogs in the back of his truck. the whole family loads up and we get our Mastiff and our German wired haired pointer named Hazy in the back of the truck. Off we go and we are heading down the street going 30 mph, I look back at both dogs, they seem happy, tongues flapping in the wind, then I look back again and O-oh where is Hazy? No Hazy she is gone, so we turn around speedy quick and there she is on the side of the road. Stupid dog jumped out!! What kind of a dog jumps out of a moving vehicle. So her leg was hanging there in a very not good way, and we took her to the vet she had broke the crap out of her leg!! It is going to cost alot of money to fix. Well people let me tell you something right now my dogs are my pets not my children I love them from a distance. I pat them on the head and tell them to go away. Three thousand dollars is not something I'm willing to spend on a dog. So me and my husband decided to put her down. (In asking people what they think about this people are all over the board on this one, some people can't believe we would even think of such a horrible thing, others say yeah I would never spend that kind of money on a dog.) This was a huge moral dilemma for me personally I felt terrible. I would look at her and I just saw her asking me to let her live. I brushed her hair, petted her alot and gave her little treats, I felt like I was getting her ready to go to heaven. So the day came me and my husband were crying, Hazy kept looking up at Ben and licking his face. It was brutal, so we left in tears paid our money to have it done. Well then on the way home (still in tears) The Vet doctor calls us and says that another pet doctor wants to save Hazy and do the operation on her leg. Keep her with him tell she can walk again and find her a good home!! Can you believe that, it was awesome, so great to know she was not going to die. Her life will go on. So Hazy good luck doggie! I hope you have a happy life!!

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Andrea said...

I'm one of those that just couldn't justify spending that much money on a pet - I need that for my family. I am so glad for you that someone else stepped in and is going to take care of her! That's a win-win story.