Monday, January 7, 2008

Merry Christmas to us!!

Here is Ben (I mean Santa) with Blake and Caden. We went caroling to houses on Christmas eve with Santa. It was fun to see all the kids faces.
My sista crew, they are so beautiful, I love them so much!!! We have been through the wringer together, but together we will make it.
Brynlee's first Christmas, we enjoyed having her with us it made our Christmas a little brighter. We had our sweet angel baby with us. The Boys absolutely adore her!!
My precious Blake is helping Brynlee open her present. She thought the wrapping paper was a great addition to her breakfast, yum yum!!
There is Santa, he had a busy night ahead of him he soon left after this picture was taken to dash off to the roof top to mount his sleigh and deliver all those wonderful presents to all the good boys and girls. Mrs Santa was also up late getting ready for the special day.


Shannon said...

Can't believe we made it through christmas! We did a great job. Love yoU!

Ginnie said...

I am laughing looking at that picture of ben as Santa...gotta love him! It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas, that makes me happy. Love ya

Tara Jane said...

That was great fun to have Ben as santa, maybe we will make that a tradition. We have a great family