Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mommy vs. Mom

The saddest thing happened in my life a couple of days ago...... You all know my oldest son Caden, he just barely graduated from 1st grade. He still gives me a kiss when he gets out of the car in the mornings, he loves to snuggle me and love me. I still call him baby from time to time. Cause he is my baby my first baby!! Well the other day he started calling me Mom. I noticed it right away cause he has always called me Mommy. I asked him "Caden why are you calling me Mom?" He said, " I've decided I'm going to call you Mom now." I said "Why, I like when you call me Mommy." He said "I'm to old Mom. I've grown out of that. Everyone has to do it." Ahhhhh Well this was a sad realization for me personally, It just made me feel that we are out of that little sweet kid stage where they are innocent of the world and growing up. Oh it just breaks my heart. So to all you moms out there cherish your sweet babies calling you mommy cause one day they up and decide to call you just mom.


Merilee said...

Oh, That is way sad! It is funny how the few missing letters make such a difference. A while ago Hayden heard my neice calling her mom, "Mom". The next day he called me that, and I got the strangest, saddest feeling. I was like, um no it's, "MOMMY". At least he isn't calling you Jenny. :) It is crazy how fast time goes. We really need to cherish these times while they are still little, huh.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen that is so sad that he now thinks MOM is the best. The growing up happens before we realize it. Deep down he will always be your baby. Cuz he is the first.