Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Me and the fam went up to Little Cottonwood Canyon on Sunday afternoon. It was one of those days when I felt like , all this work that it takes to raise this family is worth it. I watched as my oldest son Caden, hiked all around the rocks by himself not wanting any of my help. Blake wanted me to hold his had the whole time we where hiking, I love that at least he still wants my help. It seems like only yesterday when we had Caden in this same backpack hiking around with only one baby. Now look at us we have three kids together and we are going strong. What a cute family huh!!
This is my funny Caden meditating on the rock. His becoming one with the wilderness.
I absolutely love the outdoors, It makes me feel alive!! I love the smells of flowers and fresh air. I love the sound of the running river. It is just the best place ever.

My sweet Ben and Baby Brynlee!


Merilee said...
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Merilee said...

How fun! This is something I definitely need to do more often. I LOVE being outdoors for those same reasons too. Where did you guys go? that place looks familiar. Although, I am sure there is more than one place that has rocks like that. :)

Shannon said...

That looked like so much fun. What a great thing to do on a sunday. Just the thing mom would love to do!