Friday, August 28, 2009

Our wonderful trip to Hawaii

Outside at the bar we were sipping drinks, enjoying an amazing view.. I love pineapple

Captain Jenny at your service.

Ben did not do well on our sea voyage, he had a hard time stomaching it.. Poor guy.

Ben is wanting to catch a crab, they are quick little buggers.


At the end of the road to Hana you go on some great hikes, so beautiful, I was blown away by everything I saw, these trees grow up and then back down in the ground. It was like a little jail, we had been naughty... ha ha

ahhh the happy couple, this is down in Lahaina by the pier.

Pineapple juice anyone...

What a view, this was at the end of the dreaded road to Hana it was awesome and beautiful but I won't be doing it again...

It was raining at the luau, but it was still so much fun... I loved all the fun drinks..

Outside our hotel, ready for a hot date!


The Oldroyd's said...

Lucky Duck! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. That looks like so much fun. Glad you got to go and looks like you had a great time.

Merilee said...

Mmmm pineapple! Love the pics. :)

Andrea said...

You look so beautiful in all your fancy Hawaiin dresses! Stunning!
Both of you are so photogenic together!
How fun! I'm glad ya'll got to go on real tropical vacation by yourselves!

(I don't want to ask what naughtiness you two were up to in the "jail.") LOL

Ed and Ivy said...

Love the pics!! I totally know what you mean about loving the road to Hana but not wanting to do it's long and exhausting and so many, many, many turns on the single lane road!! Looks like a fantastic trip and you look beautiful, Hawaii suits you!

Malisa said...

What a fun trip! That looks like a blast and heaven!! Someday I will make it to Hawaii!